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Frequently Asked Question

Here are few of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. 
How far will you travel to do a spray foam job?
We will travel 100 miles in any direction of Abilene, Texas.
Is there a minimum size of job you will do?
We will do any small job for you, such as a deer blind, but with a minimum charge of $1,000.
Do you only install spray foam insulation in new builds or can you do existing houses?
We can definitely do spray foam in the attic of your existing home but are unable to install in existing walls without complete demolition.
What kind of spray foam insulation do you use?
We use Premium Spray Products, Inc. Premium Spray Foamfsulate 50 Open Cell Foam and Premium Spray Foamfsulate 210 Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam. These are two component, one to one by volume spray applied polyurethane foam. Basically, spray foam insulation is a two part mixture which contains ZERO Ozone Depleting blowing agents, catalysts, polyols and fire retarding materials. They are mixed together and activated by a heated tube, and sprayed on with special equipment. If you would like to read the technical data, you can visit this link.
What kind of air quality will I have in my home with spray foam insulation?
The spray foam insulation that we use expands to fill all cracks and crevices to greatly reduce air filtration. This means that pollutants, dust and allergens stay outside. Spray foam insulation provides consistent heating and cooling in your home. No more hot and cold zones. It also reduces noise from outside.
What is R-Value?
Different types of insulation, as well as insulated windows, have different R-values. The R-value measures how well the insulation blocks the flow of heat. You definitely want insulation with the highest R-Value. Both open and closed cell pray foam insulation provides a very high R-value to walls and roofs, closed cell offering a higher R-Value.
What is spray foam insulation made of, is it toxic?
To produce Foamfsulate 50 and 210, requires the use of an “A” component (ISO) and a blended “B” component (RESIN) which contains ZERO Ozone Depleting blowing agents, catalysts, polyols and fire retarding materials. Protective gear, clothing and respirator, are only needed during the installation process.
Does it fill every nook and cranny?
Spray foam insulation, if installed properly, will conform to all curves, irregular surfaces and spaces to form a superior thermal protective layer around your entire structure.
Does my roof need to be vented with spray foam insulation?
No. Your attic will remain a comfortable temperature throughout the winter and summer months.
Will spray foam insulation add structural integrity to my building?
Yes. Closed cell insulation provides a bit more structural integrity than open cell.
What’s the difference in open and closed cell spray foam insulation?
Open cell foam is less dense, lighter weight, and less expensive, but has a lower R-Value than closed cell. Open cell insulation is also vapor permeable and will allow some diffusion of moisture through the product.

Closed cell is more dense, and also more expensive with a higher R-Value. It can also provide a vapor barrier because no water can penetrate it, if it installed properly. Closed cell can also add rigid support to certain structures.
Does spray foam insulation absorb water or hold moisture?
Open cell insulation does allow some moisture to penetrate, but does not hold it. Closed cell insulation is water tight and does not allow moisture to penetrate the surface.
Is spray foam insulation flammable?
Yes, spray foam insulation is flammable; however, has a low flame spread rating of <20 which means it will not spread quickly. Think of a slow smolder that will burn, but not spread as quickly as paper, or more flammable materials.
Does spray foam insulation promote the growth of mold or bacteria?
Does spray foam insulation promote the growth of mold or bacteria?
Can I make my house too airtight?
Spray foam insulation provides consistent comfortable heating and cooling, and does keep dust and other contaminates out of your house. However, the same is true with what it holds in the house. With properly installed HVAC and normal home maintenance your air quality will be perfectly healthy.
Does it break down over time?
Foamfsulate 50 and 210 will not sag or settle over the lifetime of your structure.

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